2017 Nissan Kicks exotic design!

2017 Nissan Kicks exotic design!

Since its quite successful first appearance at the Brazilian Auto Show the new 2017 Nissan Kicks became an obsession for the younger generation of drivers. This exotically looking vehicle will remind you of sensational beaches, sea and hot samba dance combined, and it seems that this is the effect its manufacturers aimed at. But it won’t be only the outfit that will be an attractive feature; it will possess quite powerful powertrains and great efficiency. According to these information we can say that this will be a perfect model but let us still check it with a bit more information provided.

2017 Nissan Kicks Front

2017 Nissan Kicks Exotic styling

The exterior design of 2017 Nissan Kicks will be quite recognizable with the exclusive boxy body of dark metallic color and bright orange roof which will make it look absolutely stylish. It will come as wonderful refreshment to Nissan family which members are either classy or sporty. Of course it will have the same grille as all the Nissan models with massive U-letter like frame on which ends will be sharp square headlights supplied with LED technology. The massive structure will have low weigh than expected due to the usage of the lightweight materials for its designing. Another lovely decorative addition to its beauty will be 19-inch alloy wheels with orange details which looks fiery.

2017 Nissan Kicks Interior

The cabin will be constructed in such way that it can easily accommodate five passengers and still have enough ample space as well as cargo. The mere interior design of the new 2017 Nissan Kicks will be quite interesting and covered in genuine materials such as Nappa leather and aluminum in combination with the metallic details. The seats, doors and windows will be electronically controlled, but there will also be some other technological features such as a seven-inch touchscreen, rearview camera, Wi-Fi, navigation system and modern audio system. The controls for all these devices will be well-organized on the dashboard which will enable safe and easy managing of the same during the ride. The design will be simple, polished but extremely effective.

2017 Nissan Kicks Powertrain specs

When it comes to 2017 Nissan Kicks engine options we have to say that the detailed specifications are still not available since there is large number of options a none is officially accepted. So we will mention some of them. There might be 1.6-liter with output of 188-horsepower or 2.5-liter of fantastic 170-horsepower, then also 1.2-liter, 1.6-liter gasoline units or 1.5-liter diesel units. This is actually all we know about it but we are sure that there will soon be some more details offered.

2017 Nissan Kicks Back

2017 Nissan Kicks Release and top price

According to some sources the 2017 Nissan Kicks will most likely be released till the end of this year, somewhere in November or in March of 2017 year. Another quite popular feature will be a 2017 Nissan Kicks pricing which will be quite affordable with the starting price of $20 000 which makes us quite excited.

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