2017 Nissan Quest a minivan time!

2017 Nissan Quest a minivan time!

Although the new 2017 Nissan Quest has been announced for only Japanese market we are sure that there won’t be long until it hits the American continent. This is a magnificent minivan which came out as a result for the quote successful cooperation between Nissan and Ford Company, and considering their reputation there is no doubt that this vehicle will be worth your attention and that it will make its target audience really attached to it and waiting on its release sitting at the edge of their seats.

2017 Nissan Quest Front

2017 Nissan Quest Minivan paradise

What is visible at the first sight is that new 2017 Nissan Quest will get some cosmetic changes which will make it modern and attractive in comparison to its predecessors which are more or less common. It will have large rectangular body with the sharp edges and wonderful aerodynamics. Despite of its rather sluggish looks this vehicle will be totally dynamic as well as lightweight which will significantly improve its performances as well as its fuel economy. The front part will be equipped with Smart headlight technology with lovely edgy headlights, large trapezoidal grille and lower ventilation system. Its aerodynamics will be accomplished due to the sloppy bonnet and angular windshield.

2017 Nissan Quest Interior

The 2017 Nissan Quest interior will be a real paradise of comfort and security. The cabin will be pretty spacious and with three rows of seats and a large cargo spot. The seats will be covered either in leather or fabric and will make it look totally amazing. The seats will give a perfect lumbar support, will be adjusted to passengers needs and equipped with the belts and air bags. The instrument board will be covered in sleek materials and supplied with all the necessary controls which are easy manageable. But besides the high level of comfort the passengers will have their travel more entertaining with the a DVD player with an 11-inch screen, but there will also be HD audio system, satellite navigation, Internet connection, rear view camera and many more.

2017 Nissan Quest Engine choice

There will be only one 2017 Nissan Quest powertrain option for now but it will be more than enough to make the ride dynamic. This engine will be a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with the ability to develop an output of 260 horsepower as well as 240 pounds for each foot of torque with the estimated fuel consumption of 21 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on a highway and 22 mpg combined which is actually great.

2017 Nissan Quest Rear

2017 Nissan Quest Pricing and potential date

The pricing for the new 2017 Nissan Quest will depend on the trim levels available. So the base one will start with $26,900, the next one will be $30,900 and the highest will come to the sum of $36,400 which us utterly affordable. For its release we will have to wait a bit longer but it will pay off the summer of 2017 year might be the period when you will be able to make new 2017 Nissan Quest you travel companion.

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